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The Butterfly Affect

"Join Shawn in this episode as he interviews Vanessa Turk, the journey of what it was like to own a business at the age of 19. The 13 year journey of being an entrepreneur and where it has led her to be in life today. 

Vanesa has become a major influencer and supporter for women with the launching of her new business, The Butterfly Affect.  "

Episode 8

How this entrepreneur got her start at 3 years old

“Mom here is your cut!” These were the words Amanda came home from school saying after selling chips out of her bookbag.

Episode 7

You can't handle the truth!

We say whatever it takes. But do you really mean it? 90% of people don't. It's just words to many people. Join Shawn in this episode as he breaks down the truth around "Whatever it takes".

Episode 6



Shawn Tiberio is a Marine Corps veteran, serving 10 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps. With multiple deployments over the years and extensive training as an Ironman distance triathlete. Mindset has become a must for Shawn.

With a passion to help everyone think more like the bigger version of themselves, Shawn has set out to work on the mindset of those wanting to think bigger, take on more in life, achieve the goals they only dreamed about.