Today is only day 3 and the stress of hitting 20k is starting to creep in. Today I was set to fly from NYC back to San Diego. As I woke up at 5:30am eastern time, I figured well today should be good. I will hope a quick flight to San Diego, get in by 3pm local time (Yea I gain an extra 3 hours today) and crush a quick workout. Today should be easy getting to the step count.

Then I landed in DC. As I get to my connection in Dulles airport, we are told there is a maintenance issue with the plane. Quickly a 30 minute delay turned into an three and a half hour delay. (So much for getting home at a good time)

It was in that moment, I realized I will need to do what ever it takes to get this done today. I cant end this on day 2 just because it got hard already. So with that thought I decided I will make the best of the delay, I will start to walk the airport.
Quickly the step count started to add up.

Finally, I land in San Diego, it is now 7:30pm pacific time. As I get to my house, I look at the step total for the day. 11,224 so far. I decided to drop my bags, change and head out for a quick run. Cold and getting dark, i jogged for a little over 30 min. At this point the step count was starting to climb.

I came home, showered and went to meet up with a friend for some dinner. As I got to dinner, I realized I needed a few thousand more steps. So instead of taking the elevator to the floor, I hoofed it up the steps. Boom I hit the step count quick.

Today was a great lesson in doing making the best out of something. The day was rough, with delays and long flights I could have made every excuse under the sun why today didn’t count or why I let it go today. Instead, I took advantage of that time. Exchanging sitting around at the airport, for walking the airport instead. Sometimes we must do the things we don’t like to, to do the things we love to do later.

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