“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain”

So here it is, day 5 into the challenge, and it’s been a crazy day. My work schedule had me tied up in meetings on and off all day, but the voice in the back of my head was constantly jabbering at me to keep pace, keep moving, and get in these steps. Around 3:30 work is dying down, one of my best-friends’ call, they’re in town and want to grab dinner. Who can say no to that, I shut down the inner thoughts to keep pace, and head out for the evening.

5 hours later… dinner is done and we are still sitting there catching up. I pull up the app to see where my stats are for the day. Shocked I yell WOW!!!! Scaring the heck out of my friend, I exclaim that I am 5800 steps away from my goal for the day, and it is currently 8:45 pm. 5800 steps is equivalent to roughly 2.5 hours of walking that I still needed to get in. Time to get moving. I get my stuff together and make my way to the car. We say goodbye, and then bamn, as soon as I pull out of the parking deck the sky opens up. RAIN? RAIN?! are you serious, is all I can think.

I live in San Diego CA, and seriously, it never rains here. Yet tonight of all nights when I need to get hoofing it decides to rain. As you can imagine, my mindset in the moment has taken a turn for the worse. Negative thoughts plague my mind the whole drive home, Well this was a good run, 5 days and it’s over, I thought, maybe I will change the challenge and not do 20k a day but just do the total of 20k a day over 60 days, or maybe I will hold an average of 20k a day. Yea that could work, I can just do an average of 20k a day not a minimum of 20k a day. My mind, like many others, is working hard to find to find every excuse in the world to not finish my goal for the day. Then it hit me. I slapped myself over the head (not actually but that would have worked as well) I said NO! You said this was a challenge, you knew it wasn’t going to be easy and you committed to finish it regardless. So, I made the choice. Get your ass home and get the steps in today no matter what it takes.

I’m finally home, I run into the house (WOOHOO another 70 steps closer lol), grab my dog Winston, toss a rain jacket on and out we go. Trudging through the rain all over the neighborhood, Winston has decided that this is the best night ever, and is making a mess playing in every puddle he could find. Including the one where he decided I needed to play in it as well, and BANG you guessed it, my feet are soaked.

Finally, after having wet socks on long enough, I feel my fitbit vibrate, I look at the app to see a green screen with a star and the count showing 20,010 steps. Boom! I crushed it and it’s only 11pm. Time to head home and take a shower (As if I didn’t already have one being in the rain) and head to bed.

Lying in bed falling asleep I was thinking about the day. Thinking about how close I came to giving up on myself simply because it was raining. Why would I do that, because it was wet? Because it was uncomfortable? Because no one else would go out and do that at 9pm at night? That’s why I should have done it, and did do it. You see too often we give up on our dreams or goals simply because when no one else would do it, we tell ourselves it would be ok to also not do it. We allow ourselves to get lazy and weak simply because it may get uncomfortable. Sometimes we have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It was in that moment, as my eyes got heavy, I told myself I will never quit. No matter what I will push through the temptations and finish this challenge.

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