Sunday – last day of speaking. Today is a day that at the event we have tons of guest speakers who help take on the stage. During that time frame I can take breaks, and boy did I need them. I’m drained and tired, and don’t even want to think about needing to hit 20K steps. Why did I want to do this again? A group of us decided to take a quick soak in the hot-tub before ending our day and driving or flying home, which sounded amazing, but sucks the very little remaining energy that I have out of me. I’m mentally beating myself up on the way home about how once again, I’m going to have to announce that I quit before I even hit day 10. I get to the house, its 11:00pm and I have 5K steps to go. I drag my weary legs inside and am greeted by the happiest dog in the world, who just wants a really, really, really long walk. Begrudgingly, I leash him up and out we go…at 11:59pm and 15 seconds to spare, I’ve hit it! Whatever it takes!

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