So it has been a few days or weeks…who’s counting. There have been some really easy days,
and some really hard ones. One thing for sure is that this is work even on the easy days. I never
realized how little we move sometimes in a day until you track it.

Over the last week I have been a true road-warrior traveling nonstop; San Diego, Alabama,
back to San Diego, and now I’m sitting here writing this in beautiful Hawaii. After Hawaii I’m off
to Nashville, Ohio, Texas, back to San Diego, and this is all just in the month of May. As you
can tell, or may know, I travel a lot for different speaking engagements. This clearly puts a time
limit on the amount of Ironman training I can invest in when in full swing. It has been interesting
to see how this affects the count each day.

Over the last week I have found myself strolling airports as I wait for a flight, or walking hotel
stairs late in the evening to get in the final count. I have also found myself on other days
impressed with the numbers I have hit. Last Friday I hit my new high count, 27,169. BOOM what
a day. I also felt myself crash the next day and struggle to hit the mark.

Overall, this has been an eye opening experience in a number of ways. Mental toughness to do
whatever it takes (check out my latest podcast episode about this Shawn: CLICK HERE),
physical toughness to push the legs and body past the pain and tiredness, and also realizing
just how much the body can take when you take care of it. You’ll be amazed at what your body
can do when pushed. Lastly, I’ve noticed how big of an impact nutrition is. My nutrition has
been on point 90% of the time, and wow is there a difference when you eat correctly.

I am looking forward to the next few days. This world wind of traveling is still unfolding and I’m
fortunate to have a few days here in beautiful Hawaii to get some motivation back. As I landed
yesterday I was greeted by one of my favorite people in the world, and my welcome to Hawaii
was a trip to the Koko Crater staircase. That would be 1,048 steps up and then 1,048 steps
back down. From there a nice snorkeling trip was in store to cool off and refresh. The day
finished with a great dinner and a walk along Waikiki Beach. All in all another day of 20,000
steps. One day closer to the goal!

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